A Film by Laura Dyan Kezman




The Deadliest

More than 23 people die every day from an eating disorder in the United States alone. Those with anorexia are likely to die at a rate of 18x their peers if they are diagnosed in their 20s, making it by far the most deadly mental illness.


The Most Ignored

In 2011 the National Institute of Health spent $84 per afflicted individual with schizophrenia compared with only $0.93 per person with an eating disorder.

"There may be no other area of mental health care with such an obvious injustice." --Dr. Thomas Insel, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health


The Just Eat Film is more than a documentary. It is a thorough exposition of one of the most undetected, untreated and devastating mental illnesses.

Contributions to the Just Eat Film will be used to facilitate the completion of the Film currently in production.


E xperts recognize eating disorders as the most deadly form of mental illness. Recent studies show that roughly 23 people die every day in the United States due to complications of an eating disorder, an illness that affects at least 30 million Americans. Yet in the doctor's office, they go unrecognized. In the media, they are glamorized. And insurance companies routinely deny life-saving treatment.

For the first time, this documentary reveals the systematic barricades and stigmatization that prevents people with eating disorders from getting the life-saving help necessary to survive. Told through a verite-style chronicle of the decade-long grassroots lobbying efforts to change policy, an intimate exposition of one individual's battle with their eating disorder, and interviews with leading experts in the field, this film asks for the first time: Why is the deadliest mental illness the most ignored?


Laura Dyan Kezman

Director Laura Dyan Kezman has worked in journalism and film production for over six years. She served as co-producer and lead writer on the feature documentary Out of Respect in 2009, has since gone on to work for Al Jazeera English, Discovery, NBC, and National Geographic, and is a producer of The Myken Project documentary, currently in production. Just Eat is her first feature film.

Joel Van Haren

Joel Van Haren is the original partner and assisting producer on Just Eat. He currently produces and shoots for Al Jazeera America's Peabody Award-winning documentary program Fault Lines. Joel's first film for Fault Lines, America's Infant Mortality Crisis won 1st Place for Health and Science reporting at the 2014 National Headliner Awards.

Gab Gonzales
Art Director

Gab Gonzales is a Freelance Web Developer, Motion Graphics Artist and Computer Science student based in Wisconsin. Gab is a design enthusiast and has been involved in creative/visual arts for many years. He is enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to a project like the Just Eat Film.

Brian Canavan

Brian Canavan is a cinematographer for Just Eat . He works as a freelance Director of Photography, Camera Operator, and Editor for national broadcast shows, commercial advertisements, and online digital content. He has experience shooting reality coverage, narrative content, along with underwater shooting. His camera work is featured on National Geographic (The Incredible Dr. Pol), TLC (19 Kids and Counting), Smithsonian Channel (Wild Inside the National Zoo), and more.